Naturally Good for You

Dina is Omnicane's new range of sugar products and hand sanitisers. All of our products are locally made from natural sugar cane and are proudly Made in Moris.


DINA Sugar

Enjoy the pleasant aroma and flavour of Dina Raw Cane Sugar as an alternative to Refined white sugar. Perfect for everyday use! See our products.

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Bright, white refined sugar crystals for general use.

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All the Antioxidants you need, now easily available to you thanks to Dina's Antioxidant Sugar! Discover the products. 

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Dina's Low GI Sugar is a diabetic-friendly sugar that slows down the energy release in blood sugar levels, without compromising on taste and flavour! Read more. 

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Dina Care: a range of multi-purpose sanitisers made from bioethanol, produced from sugar cane molasses. 

  • Active Ingredients
    BioEthanol 80%
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Dina is proudly Made in Moris.
Having this label is important to us at Omnicane as our products are 100% local, from the raw materials used, to the packaging specially designed for our range of sugars.