A brand

with a
350 year history

Mauritius Island, or Dina Arobi as named by arab sailors, is located in the Indian Ocean, at the heart of the Mascareignes archipelago. This is where the Dina brand name comes from. As an independent republic since 1968, Mauritius Island enjoys a tropical climate and multi-cultural environment, with a rich history of more than 350 years in producing and exporting cane sugar.

DINA is made in Mauritius by Omnicane

Incorporated in 1926, Omnicane today employs around 1,500 people and is present across 5 main industries:

  • Sugar cane agriculture, milling and refining
  • Bioethanol refining
  • Thermal energy
  • Logistics
  • Property Development

Sugar is at the core of our activities given how versatile it is and how important it is to the ecosystem around us. The plant is very efficient in synthesising carbon dioxide from the air and sunlight to make sugar, and its roots also help to stop soil erosion. 

We specialise in making full use of sugar cane with minimal waste. We also produce green cement in our carbon burn out plant and capture carbon dioxide in the production of bioethanol.

Sugar has been packed in 50kg, 1 tonne and 25 tonne bags for many years to be used locally and for export to food manufacturers. Dina products have been developed exclusively for the retail and food service markets with bright, attractive, strong and recyclable packaging, all under the warrant and guarantee of Omnicane.


made in moris

Produced locally
using natural sugar cane

Having this label is important to us at Omnicane as our products are 100% local, from the raw materials used, to the packaging specially designed for our range of sugars.