A new generation of healthy sugars, the Dina Life range has multiple benefits with its sugars full of Antioxidants. 

Some of the benefits of Antioxidants are that: 

They stimulate the immune system
They enhance the natural tone and firmness of the skin
They lower bad cholesterol
They protect the liver and the heart
They minimise the effect of the ageing process
They can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer

All our sugars are packed under food-grade hygienic conditions and subject to strict quality control. 


Antioxidant Sugar

The Antioxidant in Dina Life Antioxidant Sugar is naturally extracted from sugar cane molasses. There are approximately 3 times as many Antioxidants in Dina Life Antioxidant Sugar as there are in the same weight of fresh blueberries. 

Reap the benefits of Antioxidants in your everyday life:

  • Good for your skin
  • Protects your heart and liver
  • Helps to lower cholesterol

... and the aroma and taste are really good!

Low GI Sugar

Our Low GI Sugar is perfect for diabetics. Our samples were measured by Oxford Brookes University as having a Glycemic Index of 51, which makes it a low GI food as certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation in Australia. A slow energy release in the blood, helps to manage blood sugar levels; really useful for people doing sport as well. 

It has the added benefits of having approximately 12 times as many Antioxidants as there are in the same weight of fresh blueberries. 

high gi >70 (Glycemic Index Rating) - Rapid increase in blood sugar levels
medium gi 56-69 (Glycemic Index Rating) - Moderate Increase in blood sugar levels
low gi <55 (Glycemic Index Rating) - Slow Increase in blood sugar levels